with light brown streaks (girlhatesself) wrote,
with light brown streaks

KillLoveSongs: wow youre hot
his babie gurl: Who are you?
KillLoveSongs: id like you to touch my light saber
his babie gurl: Who is this?
his babie gurl: And i have no pictures on AIM so how do you know what i look like? Hmmmmmmm
KillLoveSongs: community
KillLoveSongs: durrr
his babie gurl: what community?
KillLoveSongs: i dont know some lame ass LJ community
his babie gurl: mm
his babie gurl: Whats your LJ name?
KillLoveSongs: i dont have one
his babie gurl: Whats you name?
KillLoveSongs: my name? my name is jo
his babie gurl: pfft
his babie gurl: Whatever
KillLoveSongs: why did you ask if you werent going to believe me anyway
his babie gurl: Bc maybe if it were half-ass believeable i would
KillLoveSongs: and why does it matter since i could say anything to you and you wouldn't know if it were true or not. im an 87 year old man with a 12 inch cock
KillLoveSongs: what? jo isnt a name?
KillLoveSongs: jo...short for joann
his babie gurl: Not yours. And its the way you said which made it not believable
KillLoveSongs: fine my name is ferdinand
his babie gurl: Thats nice. How did you run across my LJ entry?
KillLoveSongs: There's many different ways I could've stumbled upon you're meaningless livejournal. one: random search. two: through a community I found through someone else. 3: by searching the database for "skanky ass fat sluts"
his babie gurl: Oh, mmm, thats nice.
KillLoveSongs: I know
his babie gurl: Is there anything else that you need to ramble on about?
KillLoveSongs: Well as long as you're listening... it's called a condom. Or a sponge. Or birth control pills and now a days there's even the birth control patch so you don't have to remember to take the pill everyday because I know for someone as airheaded as you it can be difficult.
his babie gurl: Oooookay?
KillLoveSongs: don't reproduce
KillLoveSongs: anymore than you already have
his babie gurl: M'kay... Whatever?
KillLoveSongs: i love you
his babie gurl: Thats nice.
KillLoveSongs: just dont break my heart again ok baby?
his babie gurl: Mkay. If you say so
KillLoveSongs: one thing we're going to need to work on if this relationship is going to work is your vocabulary
his babie gurl: Ugh. Why are you still bothering me. Is there any specific reason as to why you are still talking to me?
KillLoveSongs: You know it's as simple as a click of a button to get me to shut up
KillLoveSongs: but you need the attention don't you
his babie gurl: What attention am i getting from you?
KillLoveSongs: the fun kind
KillLoveSongs: there are different kinds of attention. just because its not positive doesn't mean it's not attention.
his babie gurl: Mkay, if you say so
his babie gurl: So how did you get this screen name?
KillLoveSongs: through you're info stupid
KillLoveSongs: god you're dumn
KillLoveSongs: dumb
KillLoveSongs: you put it in your info
KillLoveSongs: so why does it surprise you that someone found it?
his babie gurl: No, im not. I was just seeing if your story was still the same
his babie gurl: Duh
KillLoveSongs: Well I'm not stupid enough to change it...duh
his babie gurl: I dont know that... It doesnt seem that way to me. You never know.
KillLoveSongs: Ok if anyone is the stupid one it's you. Read all the things that I've written and compare them to yours, all yours consisting of course of, "Mkay if you say so."

just goes on and on bla
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