with light brown streaks (girlhatesself) wrote,
with light brown streaks

I am heaven sent

Don't you dare forget

We went to Lion Country Safari today. The drive through was awesome. I love lions. But the rest of it was hot and shitty. We have a zoo at home, I don't need to go feed the fucking goats. They smell anyway. There was also all these birds and you could pay $1.25 for nectar to feed them. Do you know how many birds we have here?!?! So it wasn't too interesting. Although there was this GIANT tortoise that farted. It was loud, and funny. I stalked some cute dorky kid who works there. Got his number. He got mine. He reminded me of this kid I knew growing up, Sam. I think that's what Sam would look like now. I miss southern California. I would've rather gone to the San Diego Zoo or the San Diego Wild Animal Park. It's not as hot there at 10 in the morning. I'm going to try to get a job at Lion Country Safari. It would be cool except I'd smell like animal dung. Oh my friggen god there was this animal, some wild pig looking thing, with a dong the size of my leg. It was dragging on the ground. I'm such a child sometimes, "Oh my god look at it's penis!!!"

I need to call Denny's today.

I miss Dave, didn't see him last night. Poopies. I got to spend the night with my dog though and I love her. I'm never alone at night. Ahh I feel loved.

Livejournal communities are fucking hilarious. So many irritable little kids. Haha. Good times. I'm done arguing though. It got boring. They all have the same things to say. Give me something creative guys come on.
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